Initial Assessment

An initial assessment is required for all clients. An initial assessment includes clinical interview, functional assessment and home environment assessment with the client and their carer to discuss the goals and determine the OT services required.

  • Completed in the client’s home
  • Written Summary of recommendations
  • Assessment usually takes 1-1.5 hours

NDIS Services

Occupational Therapy services for self managed or plan managed clients are available. NDIA managed clients will be eligible for services in the future. 

  • Clinical experience in working with NDIS participants

  • Home modification and equipment prescription to support NDIS plan

  • Liaison with other NDIS providers involved in client care

Equipment Prescription

Equipment prescription can be completed following an initial assessment. For complex equipment, trials of equipment and education to the patient and carer is required via follow up home visit. For low cost equipment, these recommendations are included in the summary report following the initial assessment.

  • Low cost items such as shower chairs and over toilet aids

  • High cost items such as hoists, hospital beds and wheelchairs
  • Reports to funding bodies to purchase items

Home Modifications

Occupational Therapy services to organise home modifications require an initial assessment, home environment assessment (photos and measurements taken) and written report completed with specifications for home modifications. These specifications can then be provided to a home modification service or builder of your choice.

  • Minor and major modification clinical experience

  • Reports to funding bodies to fund works

  • Diagrams and specifications provided.

Pressure Management

Assessment of pressure management needs of a client and management strategies such as repositioning techniques and equipment recommendations e.g mattresses and cushions.

  • Completed during initial assessment

  • Clinical experience in working with high risk clients

  • Written recommendations to care providers available on request

Risk Management

Risk assessment and manual handling strategies to determine the level of assistance required by a client in order to establish safe manual handling practices. This requires an initial Occupational Therapy assessment, consultation with care providers, home environment and equipment assessment, and a comprehensive report of recommendations. Training to care providers can also be provided.

  • Review of clients functional mobility

  • Recommendations on level of support required

  • Written report of recommendations for care provider

Discharge planning from a residential aged care facility

Discharge planning from a residential aged care facility includes an initial assessment of the client at the facility, functional mobility assessment, liaison with nursing staff, home environment assessment (of the discharge destination) and recommendations for equipment and services required for use at home.

  • Clinical experience in discharge planning from Aged Care facilities

  • Liaison with other care providers involved in client care

  • Recommendations to ensure a safe discharge home

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